Quakers Youth Ice Hockey Club

2019-20 Season Quakers Wait List


Welcome to the Quakers Youth Ice Hockey Club Wait List Registration Database

This registration session will allow you to add your players information for the 2019-20 Season.  


NOTE:  This WAIT LIST does not function like typical waiting lists.  Head Coaches at each Division will identify the number of spots open in each Division.  The Head Coach will then review the list and do his/her homework.


Coach homework consists of reviewing all the information you provide as well as other independent research.  The Head Coach will review the List to identify the player that meets the required position or anticipated position, skill level, and experience.  


The Head Coach will then reach out to you to have a conversation to gauge your current interest in registering for Evaluations, arranging a time to meet, and/or joining an already fielded team.


Please read through each page carefully to ensure all information is provided accurately. 


Please direct any questions regarding this registration to:

Valerie Donnelly

Quakers Registrar

Phone: (484) 757-7160 texts preferred/identify self